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LTG series Mica heater


-3 heating power selection

-Mica heating element

-Adjustable thermostat

-Auto thermostat control on and off

-Over-heating protection

-Tip-over switch

-4 sides heating

-White or black colour optional

-Slim design,simple and stylish

-Castor wheel for easy movement

Technical parameters:                                                                                                                                                    

Specification LTG-2000M
Voltage 220V/50Hz/60Hz
Power input 2000W
Material Plastic and metal
Heating element Mica
Control Mechanical, 3 level power
Installation Freestanding, portable
Function Dry cloth, humidification
Use Bedroom, living room, office
Weight 2.9/4.4kg
Product size 710(L)*245(W)*480(H)
Packing size 740(L)*95(W)*500(H)
Loading quantity(20/40GP/40HQ) 815/1671/1899

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